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Iced Dutch Latte


Iced Dutch Latte

Loved by the most customers. Our champion of Cold Brew Coffee variation.

Prepare a chilled glass ? even better if it’s long in shape. Over 4~5 cubes of ice, pour 30ml of Boyle’s Cold Brew Dutch Coffee concentrate to make Dutch Straight Coffee. Then add the desired amount of milk ? that’s when you see milky lines in your coffee glass. Pretty cool! The customers we meet at supermarket love our Latte with coffee to milk ratio 1:3. We get quite a lot of compliment on the subtle sweetness of our latte, but feel free to add more syrup or sugar for stronger sweetness, or the energy to survive the busy afternoon.

Tip: If you have a glass jar with a tight lid, you can shake your milk vigorously for about 1 minute to gain slightly frothed milk for your latte.

Nutrition Facts Per Serving
  • Single
    23ml (0.75 floz)
  • One serving (kcal)
  • Caffeine (mg)