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Dutch Latte


Dutch Latte

A warm hearty cup of Dutch Latte – the perfect way to enjoy the natural sweetness of milk and Cold Brew coffee.

Question. Do you have a steamer at home? If yes, steam the milk to gain your preferred temperature and texture, and simply add Boyle’s Cold Brew Dutch Coffee Concentrate. But I didn’t have a milk steamer at home! No worries, microwave oven rocks. Pop your milk in the microwave oven for about 1~2 minutes to have it nicely warmed, and add coffee concentrate.

Coffee to milk ratio is up to your preference. We get really good feedback with coffee to water ratio of 1:2.5 at our cafe. That is 30ml of coffee and 75ml of milk. Our latte has its subtle sweetness to it without additional sweetener. But for a sweeter taste, add sugar or syrup to milk when warming up the milk using the microwave oven.

Nutrition Facts Per Serving
  • Single
    23ml (0.75 floz)
  • One serving (kcal)
  • Caffeine (mg)