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Dutch Americano


Dutch Americano

Our all-time favorite Americano, beautifully redefined as cold-brewed.

Our all-time favorite Americano is here for you make at home. You first wanna warm up your mug with hot water. Place 30ml of Boyle’s Cold Brew Dutch Coffee Concentrate in the mug, and simply add boiling water. Voila! A delicious steaming hot cup of coffee is ready in your hand. It’s so delicious and beautiful in aroma ? it feels like having a cup of carefully hand-dripped gourmet coffee at home!

As for how much of water to add, use 1:2.5 or 1:3 coffee concentrate to water ratio if you normally like a strong cup of coffee. That’s 30ml of coffee concentrate to 75ml or 90ml of water. For a milder and smoother cup of coffee, add 120ml or more. If you’re not sure how much of water to add, just pour hot water by bits and try to find your ideal ratio! Many of us at Boyle’s Coffee picked 1:3 as their favorite.

Nutrition Facts Per Serving
  • Single
    23ml (0.75 floz)
  • One serving (kcal)
  • Caffeine (mg)