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Cold Brew Nitro Coffee


Cold Brew Nitro Coffee

Luscious foam on the top of delicious Cold Brew.

Perfect combination of cold brew coffee and nitro gas created this silky sweet Nitro Coffee When our Nitro Coffee is served in a tall glass, first enjoy the the beautiful cascading effect of our coffee. Then take a sip to enjoy that silky and smooth texture in your mouth, and subtle natural sweetness of the coffee. Our Nitro Coffee is served from our own Boyle’s Nitro Coffee kegs designed & manufactured sorely to serve the best Nitro Coffee to you. Always available at our Cafe in Bukit Timah Plaza, and Cold Brew Bar in Suntec City Mall. You can have Nitro Coffee served at your party, meeting, wedding or even in your office pantry. Contact us for your inquiries, we’ll show you how simply the Nitro Coffee can be available to you.

Nutrition Facts Per Serving
  • Single
    23ml (0.75 floz)
  • One serving (kcal)
  • Caffeine (mg)