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Fortune Coffee 2018

Let fortune flow this new year with Fortune Coffee 2018.

Happy New Year!

Boyle’s Coffee wishes everyone joy & happiness in the new year with our freshly brewed Fortune Coffee 2018.

It is carefully crafted with Boyle’s Coffee Cold Brew Blend. Born from 5 different origins, Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia,
Guatemala & Kenya, this blend brings the very balanced flavour that we desire from a cup of coffee.

Fortune Coffee 2018 makes these artisanal-tasting coffee at home. No complicated coffee grinders, filters or capsules. Just
prepare water, milk and a bottle of Fortune Coffee.

Here’s some quick and steady ones.

Steaming Hot Americano
A mug + pour 30ml Fortune Coffee + 120ml Boiling hot water.

Who says cold brew coffee is only for iced drinks?
This simple recipe makes a cuppa tasting like proper artisanal pour over at home. Must try.

Hearty Hot Dutch Latte
A mug + 120ml full cream milk + microwave it till very hot + pour 30ml Fortune Coffee.

Ensure your milk is hot but not curdled.
Its subtle sweetness is gonna keep you and your guests smile. One of our best sellers at our cafe.

Iced Americano
5 cubes of ice + 120ml cold water + 30ml Fortune Coffee.

Perfect for the crowded home gathering!
The melting ice slowly opens up different notes and tastes of the coffee that are locked in cold brew concentrate.
Amazingly simple and delicious!

Iced Latte
3 cubes of ice + 150ml cold milk + 30ml Fortune Coffee.

If you’re up for some upper-arm workout, shake milk vigorously for a minute before mixing.
You’ll love it – as if just crafted by professional barista!

Enjoying these drinks without any gimmicky coffee equipment. Simple recipe makes it easy to quickly craft drinks and enjoy the gathering with your loved ones.

Fotune Coffee 2018 is available in 2 different sizes. A single skinny glass bottle(500ml Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate) in gift box at 35SGD.
A box of 2 bottles (450ml Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate) in gift box with 2 mandarin oranges & Boyle’s Coffee measuring cup. Perfect for making drinks for big gatherings and as a gift at 48SGD.

Available in Boyle’s Coffee Cafe in Bukit Timah Plaza & Boyle’s Coffee x Cold Brew Bar in Suntec City Mall.
For more inquiries or delivery (available for more than 10 sets to a single location), please contact grd_utbs@naver.com