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Our Coffee

Explore the amazing world of coffee with us. Not just Cold Brew, but your classy friends as Long Black and Latte.
The Definition of Cold Brew Coffee.

What is Cold Brew Dutch Coffee Concentrate? It’s a bottle of concentrated coffee using cold brew method. It is commonly referred as Dutch Coffee in North East Asia, where Boyle’s Coffee was born.

Cold Brew Dutch Coffee Variations
Dutch Latte

A warm hearty cup of Dutch Latte – the perfect way to enjoy the natural sweetness of milk and Cold Brew coffee.

Cold Brew Nitro Coffee
Luscious foam on the top of delicious Cold Brew.

Perfect combination of cold brew coffee and nitro gas created this silky sweet Nitro Coffee When our Nitro Coffee is served in a tall glass, first enjoy the the beautiful cascading effect of our coffee.

Got Questions?

We’d love to talk to you.
We’d love to talk to you.

We are a bunch of people who are really passionate for coffee, Cold Brew Dutch Coffee, to be specific. We thrive to bring you the most delicious and clean cup of Cold Brew Dutch Coffee to you at your convenience – as easy as buying a bottle at a supermarket.

Our Cold Brew Dutch Coffee Concentrate is available at selected Cold Storage, Fair Price Finest, Market Place & Jason’s of the whole island. Got questions? Drop a message, we try our best to get back to you shortly.